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Reptile: A species of animal whose origins have been traced back 312 million years, reptiles can shed skin and regenerate limbs. A champion of evolution.

Reptile Apparel

Reptile Apparel is at the cutting edge of modern streetwear.

We pride ourselves on providing the modern Australian the very best in urban fashion, both in design and in quality.

But whilst we deliver outstanding apparel to our customers, we exist to be more than just a label.

We exist to develop kinship. To encourage growth. To collaborate as a community to conquer and achieve.

Just like reptiles, we shed our skin.

Not one, not twice or even three times. We are constantly shedding our skin. It’s an ongoing process of self-development.

Our community and our fashion equip individuals with the positivity they need to drive progress.

We shed as one.

Reptiles come from all walks of life, but we share one thing in common.

The desire to shed our skin and stay at the cutting edge of modern streetwear.

Why Reptile?

You know the feeling.

That feeling you get when you’re just trying to fit in.

Just trying to make everyone else happy.

Just trying to get along.

It’s that feeling that makes you change the way you speak, the way you act and even the way you dress.

How much of your time - of your life - do you spend with that feeling?

Maybe that feeling is telling you something.

It’s the feeling that’s telling you you’re not comfortable in your skin anymore.

It’s the feeling that’s telling you it’s time to Shed Your Skin.

That’s the feeling Reptile Apparel founder Daniel Agius had.

When he was honest with himself, he knew he was simply wearing the skin he needed to fit in.

He had to start again, and that’s exactly what he did. He shed his skin.

And Reptile Apparel and the Shed Your Skin ethos was born.

So, why Reptile?

Because like our namesakes, we shed our skin as a sign of progress.

We are constantly moving forward and evolving. 

Reptiles are brilliant creatures who have stood the test of time.

They’re tough-skinned, but not at the expense of adaptability.

Above all, they are survivors.

What is Reptile Apparel

It’s simple.

We make high-quality streetwear that makes you feel good and look better.

That’s why we specialise in designing and producing Melbourne-inspired streetwear with a global consciousness.

We love wearing, designing and producing streetwear because we believe this clothing is a form of expression that connects us with our younger selves.

For many, the mere act of wearing streetwear in their daily lives is an act of rebellion.

We make clothes that help people connect with their true self, and to achieve that we create a range of different designs, looks and feels because we don’t believe our apparel should be a uniform. 

The only thing that truly connects all our designs across our various ranges is that they are made to the highest possible standard.

We work with local creatives and designers to build clothing ranges that truly help our community indulge in self-expression and comfort.

About Reptile Apparel

Since being founded in 2018, the Reptile community has grown exponentially to include people from all different walks of life to share in our vision.

We believe we are a community that does not require conformity.

And we design our clothes that way, too.

So, are you ready to join the squad?

Go on, #Shed_Your_Skin.