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Why Shed Your Skin?

by Daniel Agius on January 10, 2019

At Reptile we strongly believe life is about finding your purpose. While it’s easier said than done, true progress can only be made when you lay yourself bare to the world. There’s genuine power in embracing who you are. Each individual is special and Reptile equips you with the tools to help you do you.

So what do we mean by ‘shed your skin’? Well, scientists have found that snakes shed their entire outer layer two-to-four times each year to protect against bacteria and parasites. Lizards also shed their skin but most do so in patches. Shedding your skin is an ongoing process of self-development.

Whether it’s slowly or quickly, we want our Reptilians to do something similar – rid yourself of any negativity that’s holding you back by joining the Reptile family. The shed can become a home.

When Reptilians come together to find a collective purpose we can ensure external factors do not impact our community. Positivity drives progress.

Sure, life will have its ups and downs and some bumps may feel insurmountable, but when you see a fellow Reptilian kitted out in a hoodie or tee you can take comfort in the fact that you are part of a broader community; a driving force of virtue.

Soon there’ll be an army of interconnected Reptilians all over the world to help one another reach goals and turn ambitions into realities. That’s the Reptile dream. We shed as one.

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Post by Matt Santini 

Instagram: @matty.santini