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The Reptile Within | MARKIA

by Daniel Agius on July 17, 2020

In The Reptile Within we meet some of The Squad who rep Reptile Apparel on a regular basis.

In doing so, we hope to share more about our great team of ambassadors and supporters and learn more about what they love about wearing Reptile Apparel whilst shining a light on what they do to stand out from the crowd.

Kicking us off is recording artist MARKIA.

We chat about the recent release of the REPZERO range and collaboration with BullyZero, what Mark looks for in his fashion, his favourite Reptile piece and his life away from Reptile.

What does it mean to you to be able to represent and help spread the REPZERO message with Reptile Apparel and Bully Zero?

It is an incredible honour to represent Reptile Apparel and Bully Zero through this partnership with REPZERO.  It's great to see two incredible entities come together for a great cause

How does the REPZERO message resonate with you personally?

As someone that has personally experienced bullying during my younger years, I can definitely relate to the messaging of the REPZERO campaign.  Being born and raised in Australia with Sri Lankan heritage came with a lot of targeting in high school due to being the odd one out.  I can deeply empathize with anyone that has ever experienced bullying, which is why I am passionate about this cause 

Moving away from REPZERO, what in general attracted you to the Reptile Apparel brand?

Reptile stands for more than just a clothing line; this is a movement.  As much as Reptile develops quality clothing, their passion for their message is just as compelling as their physical product.  As an artist, I wanted to represent a clothing line that was not just about fashion but has purpose around their existence 

What do you look for in your clothes?

Being a creative, I look for unique items with my clothing.  Stand out pieces, unique colours and cuts, and of course messages that resonate with my own values

What is your favourite Reptile piece?

Right now I'm a massive fan of the signature brand pieces (in particular the grey crewneck sweater) 

 What have you enjoyed about working with Reptile?

I have definitely enjoyed the engagement and insight that I've been able to gain from working with Reptile.   The Reptile Team ensures that each ambassador is personally aligned with their values and messages, which is a rare quality in the fashion industry.  To be surrounded by such passionate and motivated people is truly a blessing

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Tell us a little bit about what you do for work...

I am a recording artist, producer and sound engineer.  I've been blessed to work and collaborate with a number of local and international artists, as well as perform at some major venues in my time.  Currently working on a new album which will hopefully be ready for the second half of 2020

What are you into outside of fashion and work?

I'm a massive NBA fan...which has been a bit of downer currently as the season has been suspended.

MARKIA has been a long-running ambassador of Reptile Apparel and an outstanding member of our team.

Apart from always looking fresh in his Reptile gear, MARKIA is an outstanding artist and his new single “DEUCES” is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal.

Check it out and give MARKIA a follow:

Instagram: @markia51

Facebook: www.facebook.com/markia51

Tiktok: @therealmarkia