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REPZERO - Shed Your Skin

by Daniel Agius on May 25, 2020

At Reptile Apparel we strongly believe in the ethos of #Shed_Your_Skin.

#Shed_Your_Skin is about stripping everything back to reveal your true self. To show the world who you really are. To say no to just fitting in.

Bullying is incompatible with this idea. In fact, it is perhaps the one biggest factor that stops people from being themselves.

We don’t believe a world where people are bullied into submission is acceptable, so that’s why we have partnered with Bully Zero on our latest campaign; REPZERO.

The subject of bullying is never far from the Australian media as more and more horror stories and statistics come to light in the media.

At Reptile, we don’t want to live in a world where young people are contemplating ending their lives. But it’s not enough to just want it, we believe we must take an active role in making bullying a thing of the past.

That’s why we have been working hard to bring REPZERO to life with the awesome team at BullyZero - a campaign we’re delighted to share more details about today.

Who is Bully Zero?

Bully Zero is Australia’s leading bullying prevention charity.

Since being founded in 2012, BullyZero has visited 1012 schools and workplaces, received over 2,100 pledges and delivered over 2,500 education sessions to help combat the scourge of bullying in Australia.

The Bully Zero website contains a wealth of educational materials and supportive resources to help people identify and combat bullying.

Bully Zero provides a range of workshops to workplaces, sporting clubs and schools to help educate their audience on the effects of bullying, how to identify when bullying takes place and how to help stop bullying.

Why Bully Zero?

Reptile Apparel and the community we represent is founded on the core principles of diversity and inclusion.

Our ethos of #Shed_Your_Skin is so much more than just a hashtag. It’s a message we truly believe in. It’s a statement that we should not need to build a facade or put on a mask just to fit in.

For Reptile’s founder, Daniel Agius, the #Shed_Your_Skin mentality led to a turning point in his life.

A point where he shed the skin he was wearing for everyone else and began showing his true self to the world.

It’s the very point where Reptile Apparel was born.

For that reason, we believe Reptile Apparel and our community have a big part to play in the bullying prevention movement and, naturally, we wanted to join forces with the biggest bullying prevention charity in Australia.

By joining forces with Bully Zero, we will play a big part in ending bullying in Australia.

Introducing: ReptileZero

Reptile Apparel and Bully Zero have teamed up to bring you REPZERO.

REPZERO is a joint effort between Reptile Apparel and Bully Zero to help spread the

word about all the good work Bully Zero does for the Australian community and - most importantly - raise crucial funds to support their work.

As part of the campaign, we are collaborating on some exciting digital media which we can’t wait to share with you all. We will also be sharing with you a range of new apparel named REPZERO.

100% of the profits from REPZERO will be donated directly to Bully Zero and will fund Bullying Prevention Education.

REPZERO apparel will feature Bully Zero’s orange – a colour that represents harmony and the encouragement of mutual respect. It will also send a strong message by all who wear it that they are making a clear and strong stance against bullying; paving the way for more people to shed their skin and show their true selves to the world.