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Behind The Design | Reptile Apparel Lifts The Lid On Its New Kid's Range

by Daniel Agius on August 25, 2020

Behind The Design is a new feature on the Reptile Apparel blog taking you behind the scenes as we take an in-depth look at some of our latest and greatest designs.

Ask and you shall receive!

Ever since we launched Reptile Apparel a little over 18 months ago now, we’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received and community we have been able to foster.

But we know that at the core of everything we’ve been able to do in our short existence is the quality of our apparel and the appeal of our fashion.

If our ethos of #Shed_Your_Skin is all about empowering our squad to feel comfortable being themselves, and our apparel needs to live up to that standard.

Thankfully, we think the demand we have had for a kids collection almost since day dot is a true indicator that the quality of our clothes speaks for itself.

The Reptile Apparel Kids Collections brings everything our squad of reptiles love about our adult Reptile and Signature Collections to your mini squad.

Stylish enough to keep your kids looking good and feeling happy at the next family gathering, but rugged enough to survive even their greatest adventures, our Kids Collection hoodies are designed to go the distance with the superstars that wear them.

Available in our AW20 and Track styles, which you can find in our adult Reptile Collection, both designs come in either grey or black.

Both styles are manufactured to the highest quality, with 80 percent cotton, making them incredibly comfortable for the little reptiles who wear them whilst the parents can be assured their pride and joys skin will be well-looked after.

Whether you prefer the in-your-face style of the AW20, with the prominent Reptile Apparel logo embroidery or the more subtle Track Hoodie with the Reptile tape down the sleeves, your little one will look every bit the star of the show they are in their Reptile hoodie.

Get your kid’s Reptile Hoodies here and show them off on social media using the hashtag #Shed_Your_Skin!